Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Coronapocalypse Day 11

In which I learn my patience can snap as easily as the Spode plate that shattered on the kitchen floor...

Today started out inauspiciously with a text at 3:47 am. Because on Saturday I broke my phone, spent hours trying to set it up yesterday only to have it assign me the wrong phone number. Side note - Ahmed, if you're out there, someone is bored during lock down and is desperately waiting for you to "hit her/him up" on Snapchat. You're welcome.

Glass half full: I have my phone number back now.

Glass half empty: chatting with the Verizon rep, while responding to two urgent work emails, while trying to make Parker sit down to set up his chromebook for 7th grade online learning as Luke does his 5th grade math OUT LOUD, while I'm toasting bagel for Parker, which leads to dropping plate and Luke runs in and screams that I'm wearing flip flops and will cut my feet and OMG MOM JUST LET ME HANDLE THIS.

Also glass half empty? Going outside to find rat droppings ALL. OVER. THE. PATIO. I just had the pest control people out. The rats are clearly unaffected by COVID 19 - or maybe this is some sort of triumphant act of revenge. Hey, human, remember the plague? YEAH SO DO WE. I called my pest control company (this is Texas, we have pest control on retainer) and explained what I found. You know it's bad when the professionals respond with, "OH GOD. I would have lost it." Well, Brad, you can't lose what's already gone.

(And please, well-meaning folks, do not suggest that mint can be used as a natural repellant. Rats could really give a rat's - well, you know - about your mojito garnish).

Other highlights:
- *Someone* spilled Swedish fish all over the den
- Luke and I beat Parker in basketball.
- In related news,my knees may never work again
- I finally started tuning into Andy Beshear's daily update and yes, all the memes are true. If you haven't started watching it, I highly recommend it for sanity. #teamandyforeverything

So cheers to Day 11. We made it. And guess what's also considered "essential business" right now?

Yep. Pest Control.

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