Monday, May 6, 2013

Top Five Reasons The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem and Moms makes the perfect Mother’s Day present

1. It’s got Mom in the title, so she can tell you care. Sure, you could have gone with poetry for moms or inspirational verses for moms, but doesn’t she already have enough of that shit? Wouldn’t she prefer an actual novel that gets her away from her life for a minute, instead of a bunch of phrases about how selfless and wonderful she is for washing the dishes and cleaning up everyone else’s crap?  

2. It’s got hot guys. Maybe you don’t think moms care about hot guys anymore.  And maybe you think the tooth fairy still owes you for that root canal. News flash: moms aren’t dead. Or nuns. So yeah, they like hot dudes as much as anybody and there’s plenty of man candy in my book. Sure, most of the guys are killers, but here’s the upside: when a flesh-eating scavenger’s done with you, you don’t have to pick his dirty socks off the floor. Because you’re dead. Glass half full, kids.

3. It’s cheap. I mean, what else can you get her for $4.99?  (Please don’t say wine). Buy her my book, a $10 dollar bouquet from the grocery store, her beverage of choice and a hunk of dark chocolate and – bingo – instant awesome!  Not that I’m advocating pinching pennies when it comes to moms, but if you were just gonna order some flowers from FTD and ugly earrings, I can think of better ways to spend your money.  Order my book and you’ll still have cash leftover – which will come in handy in a few weeks when the hard copy of The Getaway Girls comes out and you can buy her that, too. Win-win! 

4. It’s about women on a girl’s getaway trip – and let’s face it: this book might the closest she’s coming to a weekend away.  Now, I’m not gonna lie – a bachelorette party in Vegas it ain’t. These ladies deal with some bad shit. But they have fun and they kick ass. Which is way more fun than kicking dirty soccer cleats out of the way for the @#$% time because nobody else ever puts anything away.  

5. For once in her life, could your Mom get to read a book where the main characters are actually her age instead of teenagers? Don’t get me wrong – young adult fiction’s fine, but sometimes you gotta wonder – are leggy young girls the only ones who get to have fun around here? Hells no! This Mother’s Day, buy her a book where the hot young girls are hot women.  Like her.

Happy Mother's Day!  Check out The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem and Moms on - currently available as a Kindle e-book, hard copy coming soon!