Monday, August 13, 2018

Perseid Meteor Fail

Things overheard while attempting (and failing due to weather) to watch the Perseid meteor shower:

1. I can't see anything
2. Did you bring snacks?
3. Do you think Ali A's watching meteors?
4. Dude, you do NOT want to get rushed in Fortnite
5. Do we *have* to talk about Fortnite? Meteors are just as cool
6. HAHAHAHA, Mom, meteors are not cool
7. Remember that time mom made us watch the blood moon?
8. Hey, you should never watch the blood moon from the beach - get it? BECAUSE SHARKS LIKE BLOOD
9. Hey, don't drink a Bloody Mary on the beach, because ... wait, what's a Bloody Mary?
10. A Bloody Mary's a drink with alcohol and ketchup
11. Who drinks ketchup?
12. Whose sleeping bag is this?
13. I am NOT sharing a sleeping bag with my brother
14. Are my eyes focused yet?
15. I can't see anything
16. My eyes are tired from focusing, I'm going to close them
17. I saw something
18. No, you didn't
19. Yes I did -- I saw the sprinklers going off
20. Can we run in the sprinklers?
21. Please don't run in the sprinklers
23. I can't see anything
24. Can we go now?
25. Let's run in the sprinklers again before we go
26. Please don't run in the sprinklers again
28. I'm tired
29. I'm going to stay up ALL NIGHT
31. Parker opened the window & I'm getting wet AGAIN
32. Oooh, you're in trouble
33. But I don't want to go back to bed
34. It's ok Mom -- maybe you got the wrong night for the meteor shower
35. Can I have a snack?
36. Can I play Fortnite?

....One more week before school starts. One. More. Week.