Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Dallas Morning News had a list of best and worst movies of the past year - and since the only kind of date night we ever go on is to the movies, I had to read it.  My question:  Lincoln is a best, but Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is a worst?  How could anyone watch Mary Todd Lincoln blow a hole right through a vampire chick and NOT be impressed?  Seems kinda harsh...

So I decided to compile my own list, shorter of course 'cause them babysitters cost serious cash, but here it is:

Seven Psychopaths
Silver Linings whatever the hell the rest of that title is
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Probably that other Lincoln movie - but frankly, I'm probably not going to see it.  Here's my logic: why waste babysitting money on a potentially depressing movie when I can stay home and feel depressed FOR FREE?

What to Expect When You're Expecting (and seriously, you gotta work HARD to make me hate a movie about babies and pregnant ladies.  I mean, I have kids who once WERE babies and twice I WAS pregnant. So, like, I can totally relate)

Whatever Cars movie my kids are watching right now - OK, so I don't even know when it came out, but is it really necessary for cartoon cars to threaten to kill each other?  I got a three-year-old watching, Owen Wilson, let's keep it clean.

Hmmm...I guess that's about it.  And I suppose you could say my list is pretty lame since I can only come up with two "worsts" OR you could say I'm easy to please and kind of a sucker for anything that gets me out of the house.  Either way, I'm a film fan so really, we all win.