Sunday, January 20, 2013

A quick update to my post on Getaway Girls Guide to New Orleans Eats - I have been reminded by my fellow getaway girls that I've left out a few places:

Galatoire's - Honestly, I was so busy enjoying a really delicious Chardonnay and a bizarre but lively discussion of shelfish and religion that I kind of forgot what we all ate, but I know my fish came slathered in butter and almonds, as it should.  Sorry, I'm not the best fish-eater and I kind of feel like it should always be coated in butter and nuts or fried in beer batter.  I try, people - you can take the girl out of Kentucky, but you can't take the Kentucky out of the girl.

Petunia's - scrumptious crepes, and I didn't personally sample this there, but my fellow getaway girl assures me this is THE PLACE for brandy milk punch (BMP - more about this later in my future post of best places to drink in New Orleans).  Or maybe that was Irene's.  Restaurants with women's names confuse me.

Antoine's - I was so excited to eat there, but unfortunately we lunched there the day after I experienced a horrible night of Bad Oysters.  If you have never had a Bad Oyster, consider yourself lucky.  If you have, well, you know what I mean.  I'll spare you the revolting details, but let me paint you just this picture:  you're in a small hotel room and while your girlfriends are having a Sex in the City-esque discussion of the dating scene, you are locked in the tiny bathrooom vomiting so hard that at one point, you fear you might stop breathing.  Funny thing is, your friends never hear you.  Too bad I wasn't bulimic, I'd have had a field day.  Anyway, I digress: my friends say Antoine's was delicious.  I'm sure they are right and someday I'll dine there sans tainted shellfish.  I hope.

That's it. For now.  Happy eating!