Tuesday, August 15, 2017


For the most part, I keep politics off this blog. I prefer to annoy my friends on Facebook in that regard.
But sometimes, a few words are necessary.

Confederates fired on a U.S. fort.

Confederates seceded from our country.

Confederates were at war with the U.S.


Monuments to Confederate generals are not monuments to American heroes. They are statues glorifying people who fought against our country.

In many cases these monuments were erected decades after the war, while legislation such as the Day Law was instituted. The Day Law directly targeted my alma mater, Berea College, for educating black and white students together. Some of those monuments were built on or near grounds where slaves were sold.

My home town of Berea, KY, was founded on principles that those statues were built to disavow.

The removal of these statues is not revisionist history.

The only revisionist history is the statues themselves.

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