Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Astronomy Lesson

Things overheard while watching the Perseid meteor shower:

1. Can I borrow your phone to download an app to call coyotes?

2. Is that a rocket ship or an airplane? IT'S TOTALLY A ROCKET SHIP!

3. Did you see that one? No, you didn't! Yes I did!

4. If aliens abduct us, would they kill us right away?

5. Did you see that one? Where? Right there! Are you making this up?

6. Can we go fishing?

7. What's the Illuminati? (!)

8. Why didn't we bring the dog?

9. *If* I could call coyotes, do you think wolves would come, too?

10. Do wolves live in Texas?

11. OMG, did you see that one?

12. I'm itchy, are you?


14. Did you know I can teleport?

And finally...

15. Can we go home now?

And this is why I torment my children by waking them at 345 a.m. Because memories.

They'll thank me later.

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