Saturday, July 6, 2013


So - on vacation, suffering sunburn and drinking wine and cooking. The upside? After you go to Florida and see that everyone and their grandmother wears bikinis, you are suddenly no longer so self-conscious about wearing one yourself. Despite the "yeah, I had 2 kids" belly.  Which I am trying to tan in the hopes it makes everything look smaller.

Saw a fantastic movie, which I have to recommend - The Heat.  Why don't they make more female-driven buddy cop- movies?  Melissa McCarthy kills, as does Sandra Bullock. Also, that hot Hispanic dude who was in Weeds. I think.  Only thing that would make this movie better? Um. Dwayne Johnson or Channing Tatum. Just sayin'. But seriously, the movie rocked.  And I say this after going to a new and uber-overpriced theater in Naples where they obscenely overcharged for the privilege of sitting in a theater where I could order cocktails.  Which I didn't because - see price o' movie tickets.

But you know what I watched on Netflix from my condo this afternoon? Double Jeopardy. New Orleans. No matter where I am on vacation, that magical city remains magic.  Laissez le bon temp roulez!

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